Club Profile




     The Rotary Club of Metro Silang formely RC Silang 2006 is an expansion of the original Rotary Club of Silang, chartered in 1996. With its general membership sharing almost the same classification, the consensus was to have another club that would carry the tradition of the original RC Silang.

     In April 2006 the subject of expansion was initiaaly laid the groundwork met with the district officers to present the new club. Further, the group sought the support of then District Governor Ed Tumangan who finally gave his approval to have the matter endorsed to Rotary International and comply with the requirements for the subsequent chartering.

     A group of dynamic beautiful ladies known as RC Hiyas ng Maynila, led by its President then, Karen Tamayo seemed convinced that this baby club would be a success. Forking out her personal funds, President Karen and Hiyas ng Maynila gave the momentum back and DG Ed had the endorsement fast tracked to fall within his term.

     In May 2006, President Karen and member of Hiyas ng Maynila met with the prospective Rotarians of RC Silang 2006 back then as a gesture of gratitude, the group, aside from its pledge of Rotary ideas gave President Karen and Hiyas their unwavering support and committed to the sponsoring club.

     And on the 29th of June, 2006, RC Silang 2006 was born and chartered, giving another gem to the Rotary with the same radiance as its mother, RC Hiyas ng Maynila

     After 4 years that was…

     And soon enough the club immersed itself into community service. Aside from its regular district functions and activities, the club further trained its resources from all the plans and programs each and every rotary year thereafter.

     In May 2010, the officers and Board of Directors of RC Silang 2006 passed a resolution for a club change name to District Governor Connie Beltran and to the Rotary International. And on May 24, 2010, The Rotary International approved the change of name of RC Silang 2006 to Rotary Club of Metro Silang.