Club Profile
Club ID No.: 29779

Chartered: October 04, 1993

As early as July 01, 1992, newly installed President Recto M. Cantimbuan of the Rotary Club of Dasmariñas (Cavite) proposed the establishment of a Rotary Club in Upland Cavite composed of the City of Tagaytay and the Municipalities of Silang, Amadeo, Alfonso, Mendez, Indang, Naic, Maragondon, Ternate and Magallanes.

Due to its proximate location and tourist appeal, the City of Tagaytay was chosen as the initial and most logical site for a Provisional Rotary Club in the area covering the third legislative district of the historic Province of Cavite.

This proposal was immediately approved by then Governor Joey C. Benedicto on Feb. 11, 1993 who thereafter appointed President Recto M. Cantimbuan as the District Governor Special Representative (DGSR). A Club Extension Committee composed of CP Lucien E. Sayuno, PN Candido P. Villanueva, Beyion C. Artemio, Julius Ser L. Aragon, Tony Pascual, Aque Perdido, PE Romy S. Litonjua and Baroq Roque, Jr. was also organized to formally launch the project.

On May 28, 1993, the RC Dasmariñas (Cavite) Extension Committee met with the prospective members of the proposed Rotary Club of Tagaytay namely, then Mayor Benjamin "Ben" Erni, Dir. Roberto "Robert" B. Joson, William "Bill" Klinkenberg, Romeo "Romy" Dimapilis, SIlverio "Ver" Loyola, Leonardo "Ding" Hernandez and Romeo "Romy" Mariano. Also present at the said meeting were DGSR Recto C. Cantimbuan, CP Lucien Sayuno, Bayion Artemio, Jessie Castillo and Baroq Roque, Jr.

On subsequent meeting held at Taal Vista Hotel and also at Café Vallejo, they were joined by other charter members namely: Ariel Joseph "Ariel" B. Arias, Luis Cesar "Louie" T. Arriola, Maricano "Ciano" L. Chiang, Jose "Joe" I. Cruz, Alberto "Albert" C. Dy, Clinton "Clint" S. Dy, Augusto "Butch" D. Ferma, Antonio "Tony" G. Lao, Macario "Caring" G. Luna, Renato "Rene" R. Matias, Manuel "Manny" D. Noche, Lamberto "Bert" C. Parra, John "John" S. Romero, Juanito "Johnny" S. Salazar, Rogelio "Roger" B. Toledo, Tomas "Tom" H. Torneros, Jr. and Ernesto "Boy" B. Vida.

On June 11, 1993, a general election of directors and officers of the Provisional Rotary Club of Tagaytay was held at Café Vallejo. Mayor Benjamin "Ben" R. Erni was elected as Charter President with Romeo "Romy" D. Mariano as President-Elect. The elected charter members of the board were Ariel joseph "Ariel" B. Arias., Leonardo "Ding" N. Hernandez, Roberto "Robert" B. Joson, William "Bill" J. Klinkenberg, Alberto "Albert" C. Dy and Luis Cesar "Louie T. Arriola.

The Provisional Rotary Club of Tagaytay was formally admitted by Rotary International on October 04, 1993 and the formal induction of directors / officers and charter members were held on December 11, 1993.

The Rotary Club of Tagaytay is proud of its lineage as a daughter of the Rotary Club of Dasmariñas (Cavite), granddaughter club of the Rotary Club of Parañaque South, great granddaughter club of the Rotary Club of Pasay and University District-Manila which in turn are the offspring of Asia’s first Rotary Club, the Rotary Club of Manila.

Under the leadership of second president, President Romeo "Romy" D. Mariano, it has embarked on several community-based and youth-oriented projects. One such project was the holding of a fund raising campaign for the benefit of the disadvantaged sectors of the community. It was also during this term that bond of friendship, camaraderie and unity among the members of the club was solidified.

On July 01, 1995, when Atty. Ariel Joseph B. Arias took over as the third President of the Club, it has eighteen (18) core members upon whom the president leadership principally relied on for the support in the quest for expanded membership and successful implementation of the Club’s plans and program. The Rotary Club of Tagaytay forged ahead on all avenues of service particularly in Club.

On July 01, 1996 Carlos "Charlie" S. Callejo took over as the fourth president of the Rotary Club of Tagaytay. The Club’s theme for RY 1996-1997 chosen by its president is "Our Youth is our Future". As the theme implies the emphasis of this year’s thrust is the development of future leaders from the youth. The other Service Communities were reinforced and reactivated to strengthen its commitment to our community. This year, it won 9 awards from the District including the Most Outstanding Club and President in Area IV.

On July 01, 1997, Luis Cesar "Louie" T. Arriola took over as President for RY 1997-1998 to carry on the Rotary International’s theme "Show Rotary Cares".

On July 01, 1998, under the leadership of RI President James L. Lacy and Dist. 3810 Governor Herminio "Sonny" Coloma, Leonardo "Ding" Hernandez took over as the sixth President of the Rotary Club of Tagaytay. During the Rotary Theme "Follow Your Rotary Dream", Dream Team President Ding Hernandez garnered seven (7) awards: Best Environmental Concern Project, Best in Attendance, Best Spouses Involvement Program, Group Study Exchange Team Hosting, Highest Membership Net Gain (Absolute Member) and Best Membership Recuirtment – Education – Attraction – Retention Program.

On July 01, 1999, President Ernesto B. Vida officially assumed the presidency of the Club for RY 1999-2000 under the Rotary Theme "Act with Consistency, Credibility and with Continuity". Among the greatest achievements of President "Boy" Vida include the financial assistance to the different schools in Tagaytay such as Brgy. Guinhawa Day Care Center, Isidro Cuadra Elementary School, Kaybagal Elementary School, Beverly Hills Day Care Center and other schools; the monthly feeding program of malnourished children; the tree planting activities in the watershed area and Mahogany Avenue; the sponsorship of habitat Low Cost Housing Project; the operation "Handog Tulong" in Pampanga, Pangasinan and Albay; the medical assistance to indigent families; the free legal assistance to Tagaytay, Mendez, Naic, Magallanes, Ternate and Maragondon residents; the continuance of the Komaki Rotary Club Scholarship grants to two Tagayay residents and the sponsorship of Leadership Training for the Youth and Oratorical and On-the-Spot Poster Making Contests.

Came July 01, 2000 Mega President Tomas "Tom" H. Torneros, Jr. took the reins and was catapulted as the eighth president of the club under the Theme: "Create Awareness, Take Action." Following the footsteps of his predecessors, he also garnered several awards numbering to eight (8) from the District and Rotary International and another two (2) from the Solid Cavite Clubs. His achievements were capped by the Club’s sponsorship of a daughter club, the Rotary Club of Mendez-Nuñez.

On July 01, 2001, Eagle Pres. Arnel "Nel" B. Taruc assumed the presidency of the club as its ninth (9th) president under the leadership of Eagle Gov. Rodolfo "Rudy" Estrellado. Among the greatest achievements of the club during his term include membership development and the formation of partners in service, namely : Rotaract Club of STI – Tagaytay, Angeles Club of TCHNHS and RCC of FTCC. Guided by the theme "Mankind is Our Business", RC Tagaytay with the full support of all its officers and members garnered 10 awards from RI District 3810 and another 1 from Solid Cavite Clubs. The club was also given a Presidential Citation as a "Distinguished Rotary Club" by then RI President Richard D. King.

Came July 01, 2002, Loving President Alberto "Albert" Dy took over as the tenth (10th) president of the Rotary Club of Tagaytay under the able leadership of Loving Governor Rosie D. Go. Guided by the Rotary theme "Sow the Seeds of Love", Loving Pres. Albert steered RC Tagaytay to another year of committed service. Among the club’s achievements during his term are the medical and dental mission in which more then three hundred patients were treated and the formation of Rotaract Club of Tagaytay-Community Based.

Shining through in the Rotary Year 2003-2004 is STAR President Dely R. Catillo who started her year of service on July 01, 2003, with the theme’s "Lend a Hand". Indeed her projects were geared towards helping the underprivileged sector in our community focused on poverty alleviation that include feeding the indigent children, shelter for the poor, livelihood project in the St. Michael Village Habitat Community among others. She received from District Governor Alex Y. Huang a Presidential Citation Award and Star Leadership Award.

On the occasion of the twelfth Anniversary of the Rotary Club of Tagaytay, Director Ermarie "Erms" Mondejar of the Development Academy of the Philippines took on the leadership of the club as its Centennial President for the RY 2004-2005 with "Celebrate Rotary" as its main theme as Rotary International celebrates its 100 years of Service. The club garnered a total of seventeen awards which include among others, Outstanding Rotary Cub and President for the Area of Cavite and a Presidential Citation from Rotary International President Glen Estress. The club has implemented different projects with the dedication and commitment of its members, cooperation with the Local government and other community organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, its service partners, the Rotaract Club of Tagaytay, Rotary Community Corps of St. Michael Village and DAPCC an many other concerned citizens as well as the with RCT’s twin clubs. The projects implemented for the year include the following: organization of a Rotary Club in Alfonso, two RCCs, Family of Rotary Anns and Spouse Circle, one community based Rotaract, sponsorship of a low cost housing of Habitat for Humanity, livelihood projects, feeding program for two depressed areas, completion of Rotary Center, medical missions, tree planting projects, 5 S program, sponsorship of a school for the deaf and mute, scholarship grant of 5 students in partnership with the Rotary Club of Komaki and several seminars / workshops in the areas of health, water conservation and solid waste management.

On July 01, 2005 the first year of 2nd century of Rotary President 101 Eliseo "Leo" E. Valinado assumed the presidency of RC Tagaytay for RY 2005-2006 under Rotary Theme "Service Above Self" the club has implemented projects on water, health & hunger concerns, literacy & education & Rotary’s public image. RC Tagaytay’s hardwork has contributed significantly to the success of first chapter of the new history book of Rotary’s second 100 years.

On July 01, 2006 RY 2006 – 2007 Leader President Benjamin M. Victoria assumed the presidency under the Theme "Lead the Way". The projects undertaken are as follows :

  1. NUTRITIONAL PROGRAMS: Weekly feeding ath three (3) Day Care Centers in three (3) Brgys. Approximately 300 kids including indigents & malnourished. Feeding is ongoing to date.

  2. WATER TANK: A 350 gallon water tank was built to be installed at the site to benefit 15 + families at Brgy. Iruhin West.

  3. Two (2) Satellite clinics at the habitat housing in Brgy. Sungay West and Indang.

  4. TREE PLANTING: Under taken & completed August 05, 2006 at Brgy. Kaybagal, Tagaytay.

  5. Xmas gift giving at depress areas in Tagaytay.

  6. Relief distribution with ACT for the storm badly damages areas in Rosario, Cavite.

  7. Medical mission with RC Pasay.

While the awards and recognition, category 2 Cavite area are :

  1. Best program in GSE participation.

  2. Best project in Health & Hunger

  3. Best program in Rotary Community corps.

  4. Most Outstanding Rotary Club.

  5. Most Outstanding Rotary Club President.

  6. Recognition for Club hosting of major District activities.

  7. Leadership award.

  8. Honor roll awardee, top 10 cavite area club.

  9. Paul Harris Fellow.

On July 01, 2007, Babie P. Andrada took the lead role of being the 15th President of the Rotary Club of Tagaytay for RY 2007 – 2008 under the wings of Sharing District Governor Francisco "Paco" Atayde with this year’s Theme "Rotary Shares". Numerous worthwhile projects were implemented mostly geared to the less fortunate. The Club adopted Bahay San Jose, a home for physically handicapped, severely disabled children, giving regular donations of food, milk and household supplies. A Job’s Fair was held in coordination with Cherub Manpower and Municipality of Alfonso, Cavite to benefit the jobless. A CAVSU resource person was tapped to conduct Pineapple jam & jelly making seminar and demonstration, a perfect livelihood project for one Barangay. For Literacy, the Club donated books and supplies to Anuling National School and Ulat Elementary School at Silang, 4 complete sets of computers were also donated to St. Francis School in Tagaytay. Other Club achievements include feedings of malnourished children and tree plating. Partner in service, Rotaract Club of Olivarez College consisting of 30 members was formed, inducted and officially registered with Rotary International. The Club garnered several awards from the District including Leadership Award, Community Service, Membership Gain Award and Presidential Citation from R.I. President Wilfrid Wilkinson.