Our Club and Our Partners Do Care


CP Blyth F. Fielding
RC Pasay Millenium

Turning the leaf of a page, moving forward in time, and continuing to be the person that we are, make up the cycle of how to coexist with the perplexing instances of today.

The Changing of Guards every Rotary fiscal year starting July is as exciting as ever all through the years. Not only because a group of new leaders will take over the reins of Rotary International, the Regions, the Districts, and most importantly, the local clubs, but also because enthusiasm creeps in on the incoming club officers. This breed of managers looks forward to serving their clubs to the best of what they have: talents, resources, skills, time, and even their abilities to overcome the odds of leadership. Change must help the Presidents adapt effectively to get to a defined destination. Designing, executing, and sustaining is key to continually improving the organization’s health and arriving at a destined transformation.

It may be a different demeanor, but what is in their hearts are the same. The goals and objectives never change as they try to matter in others’ lives. And not only shall they own up, which is forthcoming, but they should also recognize the efforts of people whose willingness to reach out to others too far away from where they are located are admirable.

As our club, the Rotary Club of Pasay Millenium prepares for the incoming Rotary Year 2021-2022, whose theme Serve to Change Lives has always been at the forefront of all Rotary themes but has not been put literally into words, friends from afar came into action. This early, we have tapped an organization that has also been into civic and charity programs to become our partner in reaching and helping out our brethren. Alpha Phi Omega (APO) Inc. Fraternity and Sorority in Ontario, Canada, who had been doing the rounds of “knocking” on the doors of brothers and sisters to support their all-time project of sending boxes and boxes of items beneficial to schools, orphanages, health centers, and even struggling start-up businesses, is more than willing and able to extend their cooperation and assistance to achieve our goals. Spearheading the Project Ontario is Brod. Amelito Fortun. Hopefully, the pieces of baggage, which contain PPEs, toys, clothing, and books, shall arrive in July and onwards just in time for us to distribute to the beneficiaries we have identified.


Life-Changing President Herbert James “James” Fielding hopes to bring the Club to a new level and inspire the membership to dream more, learn more, and leave a legacy that is worthwhile for the young generations to follow. He is destined to start where he is, use what he has, and do what he can, all with the cooperation of the club members, friends, and sponsors.

“Today, a new leaf can fall, a new page can turn…everything has its cycles, and it’s time to fulfill that yearn.”

– Stewart Young